Are you wondering why you are having a hard time accomplishing your realistic goals? You might need to take a look at your approach (and sanity). 😉

Are you suffering from goal insanity? I was. Let me explain:

This past week I did a little self-reflecting as I was disappointed in myself for another day going by without exercising. I want to be healthy, and I want to be strong, but as my day gets going things come up, and I keep putting it off and off until finally it’s way past my bedtime, and only the thought of my pillow and closing my eyes occupies my mind. Exercise plan? What exercise plan?

Making exercise a part of my routine is a realistic goal. I have looked at my life, and I know I have enough minutes in my day to let 30 or so be for moving my body.

As I sat feeling a bit discouraged with myself, I ended up mindlessly scrolling through Facebook (since that’s the best way to use my time, obviously), and I came across this quote, supposedly from Albert Einstein:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

I realized that I was insane. How can I expect to exercise when I’m not making it a priority? How can I expect to be strong and healthy when I’m not putting in the time to get that way? I realized I needed to make time for exercising a priority if I really wanted to improve. I changed clothes and went for a walk with my daughter. It felt good to get some fresh air and some movement into my day! As I walked I made the decision (again) that I was going to start making exercise a regular part of my routine, but this time I went home and made a plan on how that was going to be accomplished. It’s nice to think about your goals, but planning is key.

I had forgotten the basics of goal-setting. Remember way back in January when Rebecca outlined how to make New Year’s Resolutions stick? She said to make SMART goals: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and with a time-frame. I made a general goal of exercising, but I did not plan out how or when. The way I had made my goal wasn’t smart or SMART.

My goal is still a work in progress. I set my alarm the next day to get up and exercise, but I ended up hitting snooze a few too many times. Repeat this same scenario a couple more times, and I remembered that I’m not a morning person and that I may be on a different level of insanity expecting that I’ll wake up without changing any of my other habits (I’m a night owl through and through). I’m going to keep trying different things until I get the results by finding a way that works for me. Reconfiguring your goals is all a part of the process.

Whether you are trying to incorporate more movement into your day or to eat more vegetables, take a look at your goals and see if you need to make some changes.

What are you doing over and over again but expecting different results each time?

How do you make exercise a part of your routine?