Exploring The Feeling Of Dread – And How To Overcome It

Dread. It’s a sensation that a lot of us are sadly all too familiar with, and for some, it is more prominent in their lives than it is for others. We’re taking a look at the feeling of dread, and what it feels like, along with some positive techniques that you can use to overcome it.

What is dread?

Dread is characterised by a feeling of great fear and also apprehension. To dread something is to be waiting for it to happen and worry about it constantly. One of the most significant problems with dread is that it can be an all-consuming feeling and one which isn’t that easy to get rid of. We all feel dread at various points in our lives, although some people are known to experience dread with more frequency than others. Further compounding the issue is that we aren’t taught how to deal with fear from an early age, so a lot of people struggle with this kind of adversity when it becomes an issue.

So, how do I overcome this dread?

Thankfully, people have come up with a few tips and tricks over the years to try and help people to learn to overcome dread. One of the first things that you’ll need to do is to take a deep breath and calm down.

From there, you need to think carefully about these feelings of dread and why they’re upsetting you. Think about what it is that you do dread. Is it a person, or the place? Is it a bad memory which has altered your view of the situation? You need to know what the problem is before you can face it.

Try and look at things logically. What is there to be afraid of? What is there to dread? Logic is one of your best friends in these kinds of circumstances, as people find it easy to become panicked and scared when they only use their emotions to try and deal with a problem. If there’s no logical reason to dread the events which are going to happen, you need to try and tell yourself that as much as possible. Repeat it like a mantra. Make sure that you know exactly what the issues are, and that you don’t have to be afraid.

Alternatively, talk to someone about how you feel. When we talk about things and say them out loud, it goes a long way in rationalising and processing what we fear. Feelings which are kept bottled up and hidden away are the ones which can be a problem. What you need to do in this instance is calm down, tell someone what you dread and why, and then accept their support and understanding, and hopefully, it’ll help you to confront your feelings in a better way.

Overall, dread is something which no one wants to feel, but it is also something which can be a huge part of our lives. Knowing how to combat these feelings of dread, and even accepting that it is okay to be afraid, will help you to feel better about the situation you’re in, and also aid in coming through everything and being a stronger person for it.



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