Human beings have an odd relationship with food. A long time ago, people hunted and ate what they could find, and everyone was in good shape and lived half as long. However, nowadays we see that the relationship we have with food isn’t quite so simple. In a world of false images, expectations, and horrible body shaming, our culture has been obsessed with looking one way and not another. We’re going to be taking a look at this obsession, and exploring the truly destructive culture of dieting.

So, what’s wrong with dieting?


In itself, there’s nothing wrong with the concept of dropping a dress size or getting into those jeans that fit last year. However, if it stayed like that, there would be no problem. But as so many people are aware, it hasn’t been that simple for a very long time.

We live in a culture which is so immensely shallow, and it’s devastating for everyone who doesn’t quite fit into the ideal image. We’re brought up to believe that we have to look a certain way, and it leads to people who grow up with massive insecurities and an unhealthy relationship with dieting. Now, we’re not saying that dieting is wrong. What is wrong, however, is choosing to diet when there’s no need to. People who are already thin and then feel pressured to diet to be a certain body shape are the ones who are suffering from this especially.

Our relationship with dieting is certainly destructive. Young people are growing up and thinking that they have to be a certain way and look a certain way, and it just means that there’s going to be a group of poorly led men and women passing this way of thinking onto their kids and create a chain of wrong attitudes. There’s nothing wrong with embracing who you are and learning to love yourself. Dieting is not the way if you could even consider this to be dieting. It’s gone past dropping a dress size; it’s people cutting entire chunks of their body away in a vain attempt to be this perfect image which has been instilled in them from a very young age.

Overall, our relationship with dieting is one which needs serious re-evaluation. We’ve been brought up to believe that dieting is the miracle cure for trying to reach this image which has been strangely created and hung in front of us for years. The odd thing is when you take a look at other countries; the ideal body image is different still. It stands to reason that therefore, there’s no real call for this dieting to within an inch of healthy. Because that is the real problem that you’re going to be encountering when you diet in the way that everyone else seems to accept, and that is you get people dropping to very unhealthy weights for the sake of looking like the person they think they should be. Dieting is no bad thing, as long as it is done in moderation like everything else.

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