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May 03, 2012


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Thank you for the post. I know sometimes in my own recovery, the point I feel and probably show the most resistence is when I am about to want to really make a change, but am terrified. I think I finally took the approach of being open and trying, with the understanding that if what was being suggested wasn't working we could reevaluate and try a different approach to reach the goal. Of course the suggestions always worked, but it helped me to know they were flexable if it didn't...giving me a feeling of power and control over recovery and a feeling of being in a partnership as a full blown adult.


I'm still stuck on the whole not wanting to gain weight thing, and my T says I have to be a certain weight. (this has been going on forever). Well, she's back from maternity leave and we still have the same problem. She said, "You must not trust me and trust that I know what will be best for you." I trust her, I just don't want to gain weight. Getting weighed on Monday will be a blast. She's not going to be happy.


Thank you for this.
I started posting my own eating disorder story over on my blog today.
By giving voice to this disease, we can conquer it!

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(this has been going on forever). Well, she's back from maternity leave and we still have the same problem. She said

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