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April 16, 2012


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I like this post! One of the things that has helped me, is that my therapist suggested I use my natural curiosity when things don't turn out exactly like I want them to. That helps me let go of some of the harsh ways i judge myself. I like the idea of questioning what "exactly right" means. I remember one time wondering who gets to decide that! :)


Oh this is so true Johanna.
The wonderment seen in a child is so magical and joyful.
I have been working on encoorperating more pley into my life. I didnt have much of a chance to do this as a child, always being the good,clean, perfect girl twin. In the debth of my being it feels so inate. I yearn for it often and then i question myself like you said, Is it ok, will i fail, will i look stupid, will it not be the good girl thing to do? i am trying even small things, making collage with my T,kicking the soccer ball around etc. I think when i am in connection and play with other people i judge it less. I actually can smile and laugh. I really like it.Eeegods i said it. Ok NO judgement gonna try and just leave it with that statement.
Lets all go watch or play with kids. it makes a difference in everyones life. Right?
Good to connect here again too , its been way too long. How are you all?

Laura R

Hi all - I am struggling with confidence. I'm in a tough work situation (politics) where there is no right answer or next move because it involves people and as we know, people are unpredictable. My boss is asking me to be more assertive and to push back on some people I am intimidated by and who are very competitive. I'm really scared of what will happen if I raise my voice or assert myself in a firm way. I feel like it will be "not nice" and I will get in trouble and be punished. Today I was so upset at the prospect of having to be assertive with these folks I got sick to my stomach and couldn't eat lunch until much later in the day. I was a little hard on myself for not being able to eat while I was upset but got back on track for dinner. Now I'm wondering how to get my confidence up. I remember having it before ED.

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