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November 13, 2011


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That was very helpful, Johanna. Thank you! I particularly liked that you said that just b/c you can't fix the situation entirely or help someone completely doesn't mean that there's not something - anything - you can do that would be helpful. That is comforting to remember. Thank you. Makes me feel better.

Laura R

This blog entry makes me think of our very own Super Egg who is taking care of so many people along with herself. I imagine she doesn't realize that the things she thinks are small consolations are making an enormous difference? I also think of Traci who is helping so many kids and parents in so many ways :)


does this go along with what you talked about Way back about the " Cameleon Effect"? somehow it feels along the same lines.

I think us ones with eating disorders/maybe everyone wishes that they could fix everything, know everything, and just be good enough so that people, animals etc didnt have to experience the not so comfortable/ or bad feelings. I guess it goes back to your last post and being human.

I like this post and trying to look at even the smallest things that might make a difference in someones life. I would agree that when we cant fix a situation the things that may feel insignificant really are Enough to make a big inpact.

super egg

thx laura r. 4 the energy boost!

when i waz little i used to write weird little stories in my head..
2 avoid dealing with what waz going on around me...so here is one 4 Johanna's post 2-day...

can a helping hand b enough? "yes," said the great white hairy fluff.

How much do i give? and how much do they need? what if i only have one golden seed?

the great white hairy fluff stood with a puff... then dug through all kinds of stuff....

he pulled out a chair and sat with me...and said, "listen up cuz this is key. your one golden seed may not seem like alot. but it may really help that hot boiling pot. so do what u can and what feels right, and watch that seed swell big and bright."


George and the Giant Peach???
Love the quote super egg.

Here is a quote to add as well:

" You can not save people, you can only Love them " Anais Nin

super egg

i don't know that story leanonme but it sounds like a good one.
guess i have some homework. doh! :)

Laura R

Super Egg - Your story just pulled me from a pity party. Can I hire you to tell me a bedtime fairy tale every night? I'm sure I'd always go to bed with a smile.


Super Egg, WW4 has spoken:You could write books of short stories with a lesson such as the one you wrote on here! Thants awesome!

super egg

gosh thanx peeps...u give me such a silly grin!

i think it is important 2 remember how massive our creative energy is...

we may struggle with food, but let's make sure we give our unique gifts plenty of light...we all have dynamic ways we "keep swimming" (insert johanna's swim post here)...

Laura R

Super Egg - that is a very good reminder re our creative energy. I was feeling all kerfuffled yesterday after seeing RD as she threatened to take out the "signs of ED recovery" list to help me remember that our work is not done yet. When I got home I had a deep desire to take out my crayons and draw a picture for my T & RD of all my parts feeling jailed by ED. But then I told myself I'd be too embarassed to show anyone the picture & I probably couldn't make it look like what is in my head because I am no artist. Perhaps I should have let myself draw even if it was only stick figures or blobs of color.

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