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May 12, 2010


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Is it possible to display just a glimmer of our true beauty and then reverting to concealing it again. I feel like over my 8 or more years with this ED, there's been a couple times when there was just a glimmer of my true self present. And then something happened, something changed and I hid again. Does that make sense?

Super Egg

well i do get bored if there is no connection. i guess that is a bit black and white of me.


I know when I first started counseling, I did not think there was anything left to me but the disorder...I love to write and my therapist and I talked about writing my story and I told her one time I had come up with some potential titles for my story...one of them was "Will the Real Wendy Please Stand Up." I think the saddest part for people who have been wounded and develop eating disorders isn't just the disconnect from others, but the disconnect from ourselves.

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