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    Jenni Schaefer is an internationally known author and speaker whose work has helped change the face of recovery from eating disorders.

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    phoenix, Tennessee CD
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    Jenni Schaefer's long-awaited CD is finally here! Capturing her healing journey in Nashville, Tennessee, this alternative country/pop CD includes 7 songs that were written and produced by Jenni and hit songwriters in Nashville.

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    Almost Anorexic
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    225 pages (paperback)
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    While 1 in 200 adults have experienced full-blown anorexia, at least 1 in 20 have exhibited at least some of the key symptoms. Some stand at the mirror wondering how they can face the day when they look so fat. Others over-exercise, binge or purge. Many skip meals, go on fad diets, and scan labels for "fat free." Still, they never feel thin enough. Sitting down to a meal feels like facing a battle.

    Goodbye Ed, Hello Me
    Author: Jenni Schaefer
    249 pages (paperback)
    order online at www.bulimia.com

    This much anticipated follow-up to Life Without Ed explains what it is like to be "fully recovered" from an eating disorder.


    Life Without Ed
    Author: Jenni Schaefer
    with Thom Rutledge
    188 pages (paperback)
    order online at www.bulimia.com

    Inspiring, compassionate, and filled with practical exercises. This supportive, lifesaving book combines a patient's insights and experiences with a therapist's prescriptions for success to help you live a healthier, happier life without Ed.

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March 22, 2009


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I am so excited about your new book, Jenni! I also loved reading this post "Don't Text Spencer". I swear I do the same exact thing and as I was reading it I just couldn't help but be completely shocked that I did not write that. I thought I was the only one who had problems with always seeming to reach out to the people who you know are not going to be there. Which is when I realized I have been unintentionally living by the quote "Isn't it ironic? We ignore those who adore us, adore those who ignore us, love those who hurt us, and hurt those who love us." As cliche as it may sound, it's so true..for me at least. But as you always seem to do whenever I read your writings, you made me see that I am NOT the ONLY one who does this, just as I am NOT the ONLY one who CANNOT recover. Because I can. :) Again, counting down the days till your book comes out! :) Love you.

~Shea-Marie xoxo


Jenni, I'm so excited about your new book. Can it come sooner?!?! :)

Thanks so, so much for sharing an excerpt that couldn't quite fit in the book. What I love about your writing is that it's so grounded in real-life moments. I do insane things - too - (I'm sure we all do to an extent) - but I still do insane things with food. Simply hearing you say those exact examples is so helpful.

"For example, I knew that restricting inevitably led to bingeing. (Not sometimes, not most of the time, but every time.) Yet, I would still restrict and expect not to binge. “This time, it will be different,” I thought. It was never different. It wasn’t different until I was different. I have heard it said nothing changes if nothing changes. I slowly began to change."

It's so true. I guess if you eventually changed, I can too. It just seems to take forever. This is coming up on the end of year 2 for me of trying to put an end to this madness. I feel like that's an abnormal amount of time.... Why do we adamantly believe that the result of our behavior will be different THIS time? Why can't we just let that go? I guess I am LESS insane with food less than I was a year ago... but still. geezal peets!

Anyway, that was a rambling comment.




I'm coming up on the end of year 2 trying to kick ED out too! Hang in there, we'll get there!!


Thanks, Ann. And, yes, we will get there!!

Jenni Schaefer

Thanks for all of your comments. KEEP FIGHTING!

Love ya,


Debbie Buonvecchio

Hi Jenni I was listening to you, at Ophelia's Place in Liverpool, New York, talk on the Doris Smeltzer radio show last year about your new book with a chapter about acquiring new friends as an adult. Is that chapter in this book? I have a daughter fighting an eating disorder who is 25 and was interested when I told her about your chapter. Thanks

Jenni Schaefer

Thanks for ALL of your great comments! To answer your question, Debbie, yes, there is a section in my new book called "Making Friends." It is all about making friends as an adult and/or after an eating disorder. You have a good memory :)

Appreciate your interest!



I love the cover and especially the title! Right now I am finally discovering that there is a worthwhile person inside of me. The ED has been my identity for seven years, but now I am starting to develop a real identity, and it is so exciting and freeing to see the change in my life. I like making my own decisions and having control of my own life instead of the illusion of control ED gave me. Funny how real control comes from letting go of control.

But I just wanted to say that I LOVE the title and I can't wait to read it. September seems so far away!


Jenni, Recently, I have been having hard times with Ed. Hopefully by September I'll sort it out, but if not I'll really look into this book, I'm going to by it anyway. My theraipst has recently told me that my bulimia is becoming my idenity and I won't let it. Jenni you are a true inspiration to millions of girls all over the world, I live in the UK, there must be tons in the USA. I would happily kiss your feet for the great work you have done. I never knew i had a problem, if I didn't pick up your book for the first time. True superstar, looking forward to reading it, you know if you want to, I'd be happy to have an early copy. ;)


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