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June 25, 2012


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This covers so many different points, but to comment on just a couple.
I work in the language disorder field and my professional body expects me to keep up to date and incorporate evidence based study into my clinical practice. Sure there is a therapist factor and personal preferences for clinical approach but properly researched data must not be dismissed.

Also If I had cancer and went to doctor and he told me I had a choice.Chemo was available and whilst there is lots of evidence of it's success rate which is high, it's not 100% successful. However, the doctor's gut feeling and experience suggested a different treatment approach, although there was no objective evidence at all to back it up. Hmm which treatment would I choose?

I don't understand why the eating disorder world seems to think it's above evidence based data.

Nancy Matsumoto (@ednutrition)


Thanks for your comment. Here's Marcia's response:

Linda will be glad to know that the eating disorder professional bodies (AED and IAEDP) do expect clinicians to keep up to date and to incorporate evidence-based techniques into clinical practice. We would argue that the professional/therapist factor is a more substantial factor in treating an eating disorder than it is treating cancer. In any psychological treatment what is called the therapeutic alliance (the relationship between the patient and the clinician) is a key variable in the success of any treatment.


Love it!!
To the point, articulate, and interesting.
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