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May 20, 2012


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Yes, both bulimia and binge-purge anexoria are very much alike, but there is a small difference. Binge-purge anorexics restrict their caloric intake to near nothing most of the time, but by the time they do binge, they purge it right back up. With bulimia, it's a constant battle. Everyday you're binging and purging, and you go through a cycle like that until you get help.

Marcia Herrin

While it is true that some anorexics restrict their caloric intake to near nothing, many eat what may look like a small but normal portions. What makes this kind of eating "anorexic" is when it isn't enough to sustain a healthy weight.




I don't understand why designers have to make the sample clothes so small. That is completely ridiculous. Why do they like the girls so skinny? Whats wrong with a little fat?

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