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    In recovery from bulimia for the last 10 years, Greta Gleissner uses her experience as a platform to help others, both personally and professionally. Greta has been a recovery speaker and writer for the world-renowned Sierra Tucson treatment facility in Arizona and has published a personal essay on bulimia in Dance Spirit Magazine... Read More

    Books by Greta Gleissner


    Something Spectacular:
    The True Story of a Rockette's Battle with Bulimia

    Author: Greta Gleissner

    Her first book, Something Spectacular: The True Story of a Rockette's Battle with Bulimia is Greta Gleissner's raw, personal chronicle of the devastating effects bulimia exacts upon her personal and professional life during her time as a Radio City Rockette... Read More



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Yes, both bulimia and binge-purge anexoria are very much alike, but there is a small difference. Binge-purge anorexics restrict their caloric intake to near nothing most of the time, but by the time they do binge, they purge it right back up. With bulimia, it's a constant battle. Everyday you're binging and purging, and you go through a cycle like that until you get help.

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Amanda Jimison

Just finished reading your book. Absolutely loved it. It has so many parallels to my struggles it's scary. I quit dance in college because I thought I would never be thin enough or good enough. That was about 13 years ago, and I still miss it terribly and have never really been able to have a new identity since. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It js the first one I have been really able to relate to'

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