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  • Andrea Roe is a native Austrian who now lives together with her husband in Canada. She is a recovery success story, having overcome a ten-year struggle with depression and severe body image issues, as well as a six year battle with eating disorders.

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    You Are Not Alone
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    A collection of inspiring stories, poems, and artwork from 34 women either in the final stages of recovery or fully recovered from eating disorders... Read More

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Hi there Andrea,

I would just like to tell you what a wonderfully informative blog you have written here! My friend has recently told me about her eating disorder and so I'm reading up on the topic.

Do you have any tips for helping someone with an eating disorder? She's currently away at a programme aiming to help her get better and when she gets back I want to be able to be there for her 100%. I've written a blog about it: http://minkaheart.blog.com/ which sort of outlines her symptoms and a bit of how it came about. She often makes remarks about parts of her body she doesn't like and I find it hard reassuring her because she never seems to accept it. Can you help?


eating disorder help

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