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    Robyn Hussa, MFA, E-RYT is Founder and CEO of the NORMAL nonprofit, which educates in schools, universities and medical communities about eating disorders, body image and self-esteem through arts and mindfulness programs. In addition, Hussa is an E-RYT yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance, an award winning actress, and New York theatre and film producer. She has taught yoga, movement, dance, voice, and acting techniques for more than 20 years and is a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer... Read more

    Books and Videos by Robyn Hussa

    Healthy Selfitude
    Author: Robyn Hussa
    200 pg, paper, '12
    order online at www.bulimia.com

    In this beautiful little book, Hussa offers more than 20 exercises to help readers put aside the noise and distractions of daily life and focus on everyday peace.

    Eating Disorders 101 DVD
    Co-Produced and Directed by: Timothy Farrell and Robyn Hussa
    DVD, 12'
    order online at www.bulimia.com

    The Facts About Eating Disorders...Explored Through Expert Testimony and an Award-Winning Arts Program.

    Speaking Out About Ed
    Produced by: Robyn Hussa
    249 pages (paperback)
    order online at www.bulimia.com

    Speaking Out About ED is a powerful new film from Robyn Hussa, Founder and President of NORMAL In Schools (NIS), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to education about eating disorders, self-esteem, and wellness.

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